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Gracie's baby thoroughbred

Apr. 1st, 2008 | 08:51 am

Regardless of the fact that baby pictures are definitely a cliche, there is nothing cuter than a baby and so I feel the need to share my latest experience. Gracie's baby, part thoroughbred, part warmblood courtesy Popeye K (well not courtesy maybe, I'm quite sure Popeye K was well remunerated for his services) was born 12:08 Saturday (29-3-08) morning. I was in attendance: my first birthing of any species ever. Gracie suffered a mere 15 minutes after her water broke before her little boy fully entered the world. Gracie's mom, my pal, Liz, assures me Gracie's deliveries are always this easy.

Gracie's children unfortunately are not. Previously Gracie produced the lively jumper, Just Be Emily, and the incorrigible Bootleg Jack, both gorgeous horses in their own right and thoroughly thoroughbred. Liz hopes this little guy, being part warmblood will be a little less "track ready." In other words, she'll be able to ride him without fear for her life. Emily and Jack are both wonderful horses but a bit quick and spooky.

Warmbloods are big horses: strong but not overly sensitive. They descended from big German working horses probably akin to Clydesdales. They win jumping contests but not races. Thoroughbred owners call them "dumbbloods." Warmblood owners call them pets. They are civil, loving in a horse kind of way, which means they respond well to horsemints and carrots without kicking you as soon as the snack is gone.

Liz's new colt will be put into hunter training. A winning hunter has beauty, poise, grace, good breeding, and perfect confirmation. Their owners require a big bank account or trust fund. Liz has neither but the new baby is lousy with good breeding. The rest will come in time and a little luck in the training arena.

We'll keep our eye on the little guy. He is three days old in this picture. Hard to believe that three days previously he was folded up inside Mom's big belly.

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